The Mind Bending Truth

I don't know If any of you guys had an older brother growing up . I sure did . And my older brother did , well , older brother things . You know , like knocking my displayed G.I. Joe's over from across the room with a balled up sock .  One day he threw my Secret Wars Captain America figure out of  a second story window . Into the snow ! Luckily Cappy left an imprint and I was able to to pull him out of  his icy grave . How apropos . But here's the mind bending truth . Our older brothers loved us . Albeit In their own weird,oppressive way . I remember one day , I'm guessing In 1987, I was sitting on my bedroom floor looking at a G.I. Joe  card-back , checking off  figures I already had .  Just then my brother walks In  .  I wait for the pillows to come flying across the room  and brace for impact . To my surprise not a pillow was thrown . Not an insult hurled . He wanted my card back to see which Joe figures I needed . He tells  me to choose one , places the card back inside the pocket of his leather bomber and walks out . An hour and a half later he walks back into the room , reaches into his coat and tosses a carded Dr. Mindbender figure onto the bed ! Faith restored!!!! I knew my brother had It In him . These small yet memorable acts of kindness happened on more than one occasion and I'm sure they were his way of saying "I love you,bro!"  ,without all the mushiness.

Big Tone


  1. My brother and I are best friends. We really look forward to spending time together. We feed each other's addictions for our collectibles of choice and always ensure birthday and Christmas are the best.

  2. That kind of relationship is priceless.

  3. My brothers are way older than me, so they were more like uncles to me when I was a kid. My birthdays and Christmas's were awesome. By the time I was seven or eight, both of them were out of the house with real jobs... so they'd hook me up big time with Star Wars action figures. Today the age gap isn't nearly as apparent... and although we're each pretty independent... we're still close.

    1. That's awesome ,Fuji!Even though most of my siblings had jobs as they got older ,most decided to stick around and help out around the house so we were always together It seemed.Aside from the quiet confines of my room,There was never a dull moment ;)


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