This Was My Big Time,Let Down Spidey!

O.K. well not so much the figure. The glider, yes ! I remember really wanting this as a kid and then finally getting It. From the looks of the box art I thought I was gonna be sending my black suit Spidey airborne but  once I got everything unpackaged and assembled, that never happened. On the box It  says that the glider  "really glides" , and while true,  I must have assumed that It would do so whilst the figure was on top of it. I guess I should have known the minute I realized that the figure weighed more than the glider. Basic laws of physics, I know.


  1. I'm a sucker for advertising. I too would have thought that the glider would fly with the figure attached.

  2. And to be honest ,the glider alone didn't do a great job of flying either.It would nosedive most of the time.


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