Proof Of Crystar

This Is a vague memory ,but one I'll never forget  because of the action figure that ties into it. At the time ,I was 6 or 7 years old living In Puerto Rico. Our school looked alot like a motel strip lol. What I mean by that Is that classrooms weren't all Inside of a building . In order to get from room to room you had to walk outside and into the next classroom. Also,back In those days ,kids were a lot more independent  and free roaming. It's just the way things were.I can remember sitting In class on a school day and talking to a friend of mine about action figures.   I remember my friend talking to me a bout a figure he had just gotten and that If I wanted ,we could walk down to his house during lunchtime to go see It.  It seemed as though he had this overwhelming need to prove It to me. I was down,and so when lunchtime came around we  took off down a dirt road path to my buddy's house. Along the way,I can remember stopping at a kiosk that sold all kinds of snacks and candies to grab a treat to take along for the walk. When we finally arrive at his house ,he walks In and in a minute or two walks back out with this In his hands!

At the time ,I had no clue who this was or what line It came from ,but I absolutely loved It! It seemed like REMCO figures were pretty popular with the kids ,or the parents ,one of the two,because alot of us had them.Even today this figure remains high on my want list ,mostly because of this one memory.I doubt I'll ever be able to add a complete specimen to my collection but I'll take a loose and incomplete Crystar figure any day ! I guess you could say It's kind of a grail piece for me.

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