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Proof Of Crystar

This Is a vague memory ,but one I'll never forget  because of the action figure that ties into it. At the time ,I was 6 or 7 years old living In Puerto Rico. Our school looked alot like a motel strip lol. What I mean by that Is that classrooms weren't all Inside of a building . In order to get from room to room you had to walk outside and into the next classroom. Also,back In those days ,kids were a lot more independent  and free roaming. It's just the way things were.I can remember sitting In class on a school day and talking to a friend of mine about action figures.   I remember my friend talking to me a bout a figure he had just gotten and that If I wanted ,we could walk down to his house during lunchtime to go see It.  It seemed as though he had this overwhelming need to prove It to me. I was down,and so when lunchtime came around we  took off down a dirt road path to my buddy's house. Along the way,I can remember stopping at a kiosk that sold all kinds of snacks a…