Proof Of Crystar

This Is a vague memory ,but one I'll never forget  because of the action figure that ties into it. At the time ,I was 6 or 7 years old living In Puerto Rico. Our school looked alot like a motel strip lol. What I mean by that Is that classrooms weren't all Inside of a building . In order to get from room to room you had to walk outside and into the next classroom. Also,back In those days ,kids were a lot more independent  and free roaming. It's just the way things were.I can remember sitting In class on a school day and talking to a friend of mine about action figures.   I remember my friend talking to me a bout a figure he had just gotten and that If I wanted ,we could walk down to his house during lunchtime to go see It.  It seemed as though he had this overwhelming need to prove It to me. I was down,and so when lunchtime came around we  took off down a dirt road path to my buddy's house. Along the way,I can remember stopping at a kiosk that sold all kinds of snacks an

This Was My Big Time,Let Down Spidey!

O.K. well not so much the figure. The glider, yes ! I remember really wanting this as a kid and then finally getting It. From the looks of the box art I thought I was gonna be sending my black suit Spidey airborne but  once I got everything unpackaged and assembled, that never happened. On the box It  says that the glider  "really glides" , and while true,  I must have assumed that It would do so whilst the figure was on top of it. I guess I should have known the minute I realized that the figure weighed more than the glider. Basic laws of physics, I know.

The Human Torch fiasco.

After a brief mention in my last story I was asked by a few people to tell this story .So by popular demand I bring you The Human Torch fiasco.. This tale takes place in 1980 , I was 8 years old and prone to doing dumb things to impress my neighbor / best friend Shawn. By 1980 pocket sized action figures had became the popular toy  and the mass migration of larger doll like action figure from toy boxes to boxes in the closet.Gone where the GI Joes ,Action Jacksons ,Pulsars, Megos, and basically anything that had removable clothes. In their place was Star War ,Micronauts , Mego Pocket heroes ,Flash Gordon, and the Fisher Price Adventure people. That's what I wanted to play with and that's what all my friends played with. When my birthday came around and I got the phone call from my Grandma asking what things I was hoping to get for my birthday that year the main thing on my mind was Mego pocket heroes. I wanted all the superheroes I could get because my friend Shawn and

Of Sunday mornings and killer whirlpools .

The year was 1977. Back then I looked forward all week to Saturday because thats the day my favorite shows would be on. For me Saturday at that time was all about (strangely enough) the live shows. It was Land of the lost, Monster squad and Ark II that had my 5 year old Saturday morning attention. Now everybody talks about Saturdays but most seem to forget that Sunday had a cartoon line up as well. It was on that Sunday line up that I fell in love with the Gilligan's Island cartoon. I was all about Gilligan's Island so when they started airing commercials for the Playskool Gilligan's Floating Island playset I had to have it!  I drove my parents crazy asking for that thing. I wanted that playset soo bad but there was a huge problem, in 1977 when the commercials started airing that playset was nowheres to be found on the wasn't till my 6th birthday in March of 1978 that I finally got my hands on that fantastic floating island .Now memories from that

The Mind Bending Truth

I don't know If any of you guys had an older brother growing up . I sure did . And my older brother did , well , older brother things . You know , like knocking my displayed G.I. Joe's over from across the room with a balled up sock .  One day he threw my Secret Wars Captain America figure out of  a second story window . Into the snow ! Luckily Cappy left an imprint and I was able to to pull him out of  his icy grave . How apropos . But here's the mind bending truth . Our older brothers loved us . Albeit In their own weird,oppressive way . I remember one day , I'm guessing In 1987, I was sitting on my bedroom floor looking at a G.I. Joe  card-back , checking off  figures I already had .  Just then my brother walks In  .  I wait for the pillows to come flying across the room  and brace for impact . To my surprise not a pillow was thrown . Not an insult hurled . He wanted my card back to see which Joe figures I needed . He tells  me to choose one , places the card back in

The Do's And Do Not's Of Vaseline

It was another ordinary average day in 1987. Much like most of my free time, this day was spent sprawled out on my bedroom floor, a pile of G.I. Joe figures and vehicles in front of me, with some form of adventure being mentally written and acted out by the minute. This story arc unfolded in a manner that led me to needing a swamp. In hind sight, I could have easily pulled out my trusty Dagobah playset from Kenner. However, my young mind never seemed to come to this conclusion on this day. Instead, when the light bulb blinked on, I immediately got up and ran down the hall to the bathroom. Whipping open the cabinets under the sink, I immediately found what I was after. An old, seldom used, dirt caked on jar of Vaseline. The perfect swamp! Back in my room, I continued with my story until just the right moment. In a climactic chase scene, Snake-Eyes fled across the marshlands, rolling and flipping as laser blasts from the pursuing Dreadnok Thunder Machine whizzed past hi

Prologue- What's Your Story?

Many times , we In the toy collecting blogosphere can get caught up with picking up the  latest action figure and finding that perfect toy to blog about . This can often get stale and cyclical . That's where this site comes In . The good thing about Toy Stories is that you don't actually need a physical toy to write about . Heck you don't even have to own an action figure . Toy Stories Is all about the memories . The good times we used to spend with our childhood figures . The bad times , too . We want to hear about them ! Switch up the font on your posts , add pictures , make It your own. We can't wait to hear your Toy Story 🚒